Students showing "Outside Credit" on their Graduation Plan will complete credits through Odysseyware
  • Meet with teacher to get assigned Odysseyware for needed credit.
  • Odysseyware can be accessed 24 hours/day to complete assignments (except for Unit Exams)
  • Odysseyware Subjects with required "Unit Exam":
    • Students must arrange time to take exam in presence of teacher
    • Schedule exam: Before/After school, Support Class, or during agreed upon time.
LIST OF STAFF ASSIGNED TO "OUTSIDE CREDIT": You can contact them in person or via email (by clicking on their name below) to request your subject.

Click on this link to access the Odysseyware website.
Mr. Baham 
  • US History
  • Government
Mr. Rettinhouse
  • Geography
  • Economics
  • World History
Mrs. Gamble
  • English II
  • English IV
Ms. Olson
  • English I
  • English III
Mr. Speer: (In most cases you will be assigned a class to complete the credits below). 
  • Technology
  • Elective Option: Personal Financial Literacy
  • Math
  • Physical Science
  • Life Science
Mrs. Walker
  • Health
  • VAPA
  • Elective Options
Community Service: 12 hours = 1 Elective Credit or PE Credit (Max of 5 PE Credits available)
Work Experience: 34 hours = 1 Elective Credit: TBD
  • Must attend Work experience on Thursdays during Support Class to qualify for credit.