Reminders for Class of 2019 Graduates

Reminders for Class of 2019 Graduates iconReminders for Class of 2019 Graduatestitle

All members of the Class of 2019, please review the following important reminders regarding the Senior Activities for the end of the year.
Graduation Requirements & Grad Plan

Graduation Requirements & Grad Plan iconGraduation Requirements & Grad Plantitle

Every student is issued an individual grad plan at the beginning of every quarter that shows our plan for them for the remaining of the year. To view an explanation of a grad plan, please click here. To view a sample full year grad plan please click here

Students: Please remember to consistently view what  "Outside Credit" you need to complete and then access the "Outside Credit" (Odysseyware) page to sign up for your Odysseyware classes.
Graduation Requirements at Victory. 
  • English - 40 Credits
  • Social Science - 35 Credits
  • Science (10 Life, 10 Physical) - 20 Credits
  • Algebra - 10 Credits
  • Math - 10 Credits
  • Physical Education (5 May be filled by community service.) - 20 Credits
  • Fine Arts or Foreign Language - 10 Credits
  • Computer Literacy - 5 Credits
  • Health - 5 Credits
  • Grad Portfolio - 5 Credits (See Graduation Portfolio Page for further information)
  • Electives - 40 Credits
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