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A California Model Continuation School & WASC Accredited

A California Model Continuation School & WASC Accredited

Victory High School (VHS) opened in September 1995 as a set of alternative education classrooms on the campus of Rocklin High School. Victory is one Alternative Education option for the Rocklin Unified School District (RUSD). In 2000, Victory High School moved to its present and permanent location; the Rocklin Alternative Education Center (which includes two separate schools; Victory High School and Rocklin Alternative Education). Victory has received recognition from the State of California both as a Model Continuation School as well as a highly accredited WASC school.  Victory High School is an educational option/continuation school; offering a high school graduation program designed to meet the needs of students who are aged sixteen and older. Approximately 95% of students come to our program from the two comprehensive high schools within Rocklin Unified and do so for a variety of reasons. Student population ranges from 75-120 total students throughout the year (with no more than 18 students per class). Victory High School is a variable credit program in which students have the potential to earn 1/12 of a credit per class per day, based on attendance, active participation and work completion.  Students are able to graduate throughout the year, upon completion of the 200 credit requirement (see Student Handbook for details). Supplemental programs and services include career counseling, concurrent enrollment in community college and work experience.

Please continue to visit our website and feel free to contact Principal Skott Hutton if you have any questions.