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Outside Credit (Odysseyware)

Students showing "Outside Credit" on their Graduation Plan will complete credits through Odysseyware

  • Meet with teacher to get assigned Odysseyware for needed credit.
  • Odysseyware can be accessed 24 hours/day to complete assignments (except for Unit Exams)
  • Odysseyware Subjects with required "Unit Exam":
  • Students must arrange time to take exam in presence of teacher
  • Schedule exam: Before/After school, Support Class, or during agreed upon time.
LIST OF STAFF ASSIGNED TO "OUTSIDE CREDIT": You can contact them in person or via email (by clicking on their name below) to request your subject.

Click on this Link to access the Odysseyware website.
Mr. Baham 
US History
Mrs. Fasani
Mrs. Gamble
English III
English IV
Drama (MP)
Reading Intervention
Mrs. Kingery
Mrs. Mangelsdorf
Integrated I
Math Elective
Mr. Rettinhouse
World History

Mr. Thibideau
English III
English IV
English Elective
Mrs. Walker
Community Service: 12 hours = 1 Elective Credit or PE Credit (Max of 5 PE Credits available)
Work Experience: 34 hours = 1 Elective Credit: TBD
*Must attend Work experience on Thursdays during Support Class to qualify for credit.