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ASB: Time & Location TBD
Help run lunchtime activities, organize Spirit Week, Plan Quarterly Field Trips, Senior Graduation Trip, Conduct Talent Show, etc...
Show your spirit by attending these weekly meetings!
ASB Talent Show 2016

ASB Talent Show 2016 iconASB Talent Show 2016title

ASB Pancake Breakfast

ASB Pancake Breakfast iconASB Pancake Breakfasttitle

Six people standing with breakfast plates looking at camera
Three people standing behind breakfast items and looking into the camera
2015 Spirit Week

2015 Spirit Week icon2015 Spirit Weektitle

Student Costume Contest

Staff Dress as Student Day

Student as a Nurse

Student as a Nurse

Amelia Earhart in Flight

Obe-Wan Kenobi working hard

Office Staff Disney Day

Obe-Wan and a Witch

2015 Spirit Week Dress Up Days

2015 Spirit Week Dress Up Days icon2015 Spirit Week Dress Up Daystitle

Monday, 10/26: Pajama Day
Tuesday, 10/27: Sports Day
Wednesday, 10/28: Disney Day
Thursday, 10/29: Teacher/Student Switch Day
Friday, 10/30: Costume Competition Day 
2014 Blood Drive/Spirit Week

2014 Blood Drive/Spirit Week icon2014 Blood Drive/Spirit Weektitle