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Graduation Portfolio

A requirement to graduating from Victory High School is to complete the Graduation Portfolio worth five credits. This assignment is meant to guide you in determining your future educational goals while also assisting you in gathering the tools you will need to gain employment. Below are the links to each requirement within the graduation portfolio. Begin by clicking on the Cover Page which will provide an overview of the assignment.
Your Period 4 teacher will be your advisor for ensuring that you complete all aspects of your portfolio. Helpful Resources
   *This page highlights all aspects of the portfolio (also noted below)
*Step 1: Create a Grad Portfolio folder in Google Drive and share that folder with your 4th period teacher
*Step 2:  Resume
Use the template to create your resume  
Helpful Hints for Resume Building: Link
Use the template to create your letter
Samples provided for your reference:      Sample 1            Sample 2
Must be completed in its entirety, error free, for credit.
*Step 5: Response to Interview Questions  
Answer 12 of the 16 questions in no less than three (3) complete sentences per answer
*Step 6: Mock Interview
  Typically conducted during Career Faire
  If not able to attend the Career Faire, a mock interview can be scheduled with your Period 4 teacher or the Principal
*Step 7: ASVAB Scores
Electronic Copy saved in your Grad Portfolio folder
If you weren't able to participate in the ASVAB, please use the California Career Zone as an alternative
Step 8: Choose 2 Careers that interest you and conduct research
You must complete 2 Research Worksheets (one per career)
Here is a helpful Link to assist in your job search
Step 9: Reflective Essay for one of your career choices
Step 10:  Budget Planning
Access the California Career Zone website at Budget Planning (
Copy/paste reults to a Google Doc and save in your Grad Portfolio folder 
Step 11: Assist A Grad Essay    
This link is meant as a guide to help you if you are struggling in writing your essay. It is not mandatory to follow this suggested rubric. Simply meant as assistance if needed. 
* Juniors need to complete steps 1-7 prior to the end of the school year