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Scholarship Information

FAFSA: Deadline is March 2, 2022.

For more information on FAFSA and to fill out a free application, please click here.

VHS Assist A Grad Scholarships

All graduates part of the class of 2022 are eligible to receive scholarships ($34,000 was distributed last year!).
Don't miss this great opportunity. Deadline for submitting is April 8, 2021. 
All scholarships require a Standard Application.


  • For "Individual" scholarships listed, each requires its own Standard Application
  • Complete one application: photocopy for each scholarship you apply for
  • Write in the name of the scholarship on the first page
  • Click on "Additional" or "Application" for scholarships requiring additional information
Scholarship Amount Interview Additional Info & Criteria
RAPA $250 Yes None
RTPA $500 Yes None
Kiwanis TBD Yes Additional Info Required
RC Willey TBD Yes None
Rotary $500 Yes Interact member preferred but not required
Assistance League TBD Yes Announcement / Application   
REEF $1,000 Yes Educational career preferred but not required
Peyrounat College/Vocation   TBD Yes Application


  • For "VHS" Scholarships listed, only one Standard Application is required for all three
  • No interviews are required for scholarships that will be selected by the staff
Scholarship Amount Interview Additional Info & Criteria
Aim High $250 No None
VHS Staff TBD No None
Lions Club $250 No None

How to Receive Your Scholarship Funds

For students who received scholarships this past June, please access the link below to access the necessary form. The instructions on this form must be followed and then returned to the Victory Office.

Additional National Websites for Scholarships