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On-line Learning Management System (LMS)

Rocklin Unified uses the Schoology (pronounced skool' uh jee) on-Line Learning Management System to enhance the learning environment in and out of the classroom. On-line Learning Management Systems benefit students, teachers, administrators, and parents through:
  • 24/7 online access to content and supplemental instructional materials
  • classroom management and paperless workflow tools
  • enhanced communication and collaboration between students, parents, and teachers
A Learning Management System or LMS is software designed specifically to help facilitate all aspects of the learning process; assisting teachers and administrator in the delivery and management of instructional content, identifying and assessing individual student learning goals plus organizational professional development goals.
Rocklin Unified began its implementation of Schoology LMS with the 2013-14 school year at secondary levels and then with grades K-12 in 2014-15. Full implementation of a LMS is time intensive work and takes several years as our talented educators learn how to best transform their digital learning environments. Starting in the school year 2015-16 many teachers will be piloting the Schoology Gradebook with the intention of providing "real world" feedback to the viability of the tool for Rocklin Unified and the value added to parents by offering a single on-line place to find the most relevant information about their student's education. We invite our parents to join with us on this journey as we further learn and transform!
Students, parents, teachers, and administrators are all granted separate accounts to the Schoology LMS.
Please contact your school or teacher if your student is using Schoology and you have not received a parent code to create you own account. You only need to create an account once.
Mobile App Tip: You can download the free Schoology mobile app on iOS and Android devices; search the app store or marketplace for Schoology. Login using "Email Login"
Login using your RocklinUSD Google Apps for Education account
Mobile App Tip: Login using "Username Login" and search for Rocklin Unified