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Work Permit

Work Permit

Work permits for Victory High School are processed in the administration office.  Please note that in order to obtain a work permit, you must have a minimum 2.0 g.p.a and no more than one NM/NC on your most current grade report. 
Before proceeding, you must first get the job to complete this application.  Once you've obtained the job, please proceed with the following instructions: 
1. Download and complete the work permit application. Make sure all fields are complete, including the employer information and signature. Per state law, all signatures must be original, ink signatures.
2. Original work permit application with ink signatures should be submitted in the administration office.  Work permit processing can take up to two business days.  Please remember that the student must be the one to pick up the work permit as an origial ink signature must be obtained.
3. Provide the signed work permit to your employer.
If you have work permit questions, please email Denise Moitoza at
Graduation Requirements & Grad Plan

Graduation Requirements & Grad Plan

Every student is issued an individual grad plan at the beginning of every quarter that shows our plan for them for the remaining of the year. To view an explanation of a grad plan, please click here. To view a sample full year grad plan please click here

Students: Please remember to consistently view what  "Outside Credit" you need to complete and then access the "Outside Credit" (Edgenuity)  page to sign up for your Edgenuity classes.
Graduation Requirements at Victory. 
  • English - 40 credits
  • Social Science - 35 credits
  • Science (10 Life, 10 Physical) - 20 credits
  • Algebra - 10 credits
  • Math - 10 credits
  • Physical Education (5 may be filled by community service.) - 20 credits
  • VAPA - 10 credits
  • Computer Literacy - 5 credits
  • Health - 5 credits
  • Grad Portfolio - 5 credits (see Graduation Portfolio page for further information)
  • Electives - 40 credits


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